When you are packing, you need to keep in mind the different ports you will visit on your cruise vacation. Many people overpack on there first cruise, yet forget these items.  Here are some of my best tips that will help you pack for your cruise vacation.

Waterproof Phone Case:

This is very important if you are getting anywhere near water. The waterproof phone case helps you in keeping your phone protected. You can also store cash and cards into these pouches and enjoy diving and splashing carefree.


The clocouple on cruise vacationthes that you choose for the cruise should be comfortable and casual. Keep in mind that you will usually be cruising towards warmer destinations. So, make sure to pack cotton t-shirts, shorts and tops. You should also pack your dressy gowns, suits, and ties for a romantic night out.



It is good to be prepared and take prior precautions. Bring regular OTC medications for headache, fever, motion sickness and constipation. While available on the ship, you’ll do better to bring your own. Purchasing medications on board can be very expensive.

Sunblock or sunscreen

When you are on a cruise there is no hiding from the sun. You will want to lay by the pool and enjoy the ocean. Sunscreen might become your best friend during your cruise vacation.

Packing Cubes:

Organization is of utmost importance when you are planning for a cruise. These packing cubes will reduce clutter and help you in packing light. These are very good if you want to store your medications or ready to eat food items.

Bonus:  Finally, bring a power strip (make sure it is not a surge protected one).  With only 1 outlet in the room, keeping your devices charged can be a challenge!

What are your top tips for packing for your cruise vacation? Let me know in the comments below!

If you’re ready to plan your next (or first) cruise vacation, reach out to a travel advisor to get the process started!